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New Advances in Fossil Fuel Alternatives


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Every day you hear of a new advancement in energy production. We live in a world that runs on very large amounts of energy so many people spend lots of time and resources seeking newer, cheaper, more sustainable ways of producing it.

In order to create the mutually beneficial Human-Earth relationship many of us seek, we must find a way to balance our need for energy, and the demands we place on the planet. This means both massively changing the way we live, as well as seeking out and developing energy sources that are renewable, and that do not damage the fragile ecosystems of the Earth through mining and extraction practices.

When it comes to the announcement of miraculous new advances in energy production, it is always best to remain wary and grounded. The promise of quick-fixes can easily lead our mind astray into the realm of complacency, a place where answers are easy and short-cuts are promised, but seldom delivered on. However, the path towards healing the Earth, changing the dream of the modern world, and paving the way for a more sustainable future is not one that contains any short-cuts.



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