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Documentruth is our ongoing quest towards expanding our collective understanding and realizing that we are, in fact, all in this together, everyone of us a part piece of the greater universal collective whole.


Our Mission

Documentruth’s Founder
Dubhaltagh O’ Hearcain grew up in rural Ireland. His experience of living in a natural environment, as well as his mother’s influence led him to get involved with environmental science and sustainability from an early age.
Dubhaltagh spent years researching environmental issues and exploring ways to address the pitfalls of post-modern industrial society. He moved to the US in 2005, where he continues his research to this day, integrating sustainability concepts into a wider world view of universal consciousness and the collective role of humankind in the global equipoise of the planet.
He is the founder of the Documentruth crowdsourcing platform for filmmakers, as well as Quantumleep, a unique crowdsourcing platform for creating focused meditation or yoga campaigns.
Dubhaltagh lives with his family in Chicago.
What we do
Documentruth is a project created with the purpose of raising awareness for social sustainability. Our goal is to harness the power of the documentary and use it to help steer the world towards abandoning wasteful, consumerist practices of the past and adopting a wider and wiser outlook on all aspects of human endeavor. We aim to rediscover our society as a long-term economically, ecologically, politically and culturally sustainable system.
It is a hard path to tread and many choose to walk it for all the wrong reasons. The stakes are way too high for mere publicity stunts and PR gigs. The hour is growing late and the signs that we need to change our practices as a species are everywhere. We know we can turn this tide around, as long as we open our eyes to our responsibilities. Sustainability is not an option; it’s a necessity. It’s time to get serious, get creative and get down to business.
That is why we created Documentruth. It is a brainstorming and operational network established for the purpose of bringing together creators and innovators worldwide, from Film Schools, Filmmakers and Film Festivals to Content writers, Businesses and Audiences. By joining your voice, your ideas and your creativity to Documentruth you become part of a huge, collective endeavor with the mission to explore and develop truly sustainable solutions for our world today and for the generations to come.
Documentruth is an advocate of net neutrality and we support and promote free expression in regard to the universal human principles of peace, freedom, happiness, love, solidarity and the right to an honest, safe and fulfilling life in harmony with the ecosystem. We do not support any kind of political or religious agenda and we respect everyone’s right to their beliefs. Our goal is to inform, to inspire and to meaningfully contribute to the resolution of the various pressing sustainability issues we face.
Do you want to make your voice heard and use your creative ideas to have a positive impact on the world? Now is your chance.

Together, let’s document truth.


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