About Documentruth
Documentruth connects audiences to films, filmmakers, film schools and film festivals. We host short film competitions where the audience chooses the best films.

Documentruth is a global brainstorming and operational hub designed to bring filmmakers, film schoolsfilm festivals and green businesses together with the purpose of introducing innovative sustainability ideas to the public. Each month we organize short film competitions, allowing audiences worldwide to vote for their favorite films and elect the winner.

For Filmmakers

Do you have a wonderful idea you want to show to the world? Then Documentruth is for you. Reach out to a vast online audience and share your ideas, your art and your work with people all around the world. Raise awareness to the environmental pitfalls of our society and help promote sustainable change. Kickstart your filmmaking career today using the tools we have designed for you.



Documentruth hosts short film competitions every month, all year round. Submit your film and compete with other visionary filmmakers as you explore new and innovative ideas. Maximum exposure for your work is guaranteed, with the added bonus of a chance to win a cash prize.


By signing up you get access to your own profile page, the headquarters of your film project. From there you can manage your crowdsourcing campaign, invite friends, family and your social circles to support you in your endeavor. You can even raise it up a notch and invite people to help you fund your artistic vision, which is often one of the most challenging parts of new projects. You have absolute control. You determine your recommended donation amount. After you decide on the sum, you receive a link to your personal fundraiser page. You decide who to send the link to. We give you access to our vast social network. There’s no time limit for donations. Every dollar you receive goes directly to your account, with no mediation from our part.

Sponsored Competitions

Often sponsors will fund a film competition. The procedure is the same as with any other competition we host, with one difference. By entering a sponsored competition you get the chance to win a cash prize, on top of all other benefits (recognition, exposure, networking). Simply submit your film and compete with other filmmakers to push the boundaries of our society’s understanding. The audiences will then vote for their favorite films and the first three most voted films win.

For Audiences

There is no restriction to who can watch our hosted short films and who can participate in audience discussions on your social profile page. However, if you want to vote, engage further with the filmmakers and take part in the numerous creative projects we host, you can sign up to Documentruth. By registering, you become an active participant in a vibrant hub of filmmakers, journalists, writers, innovators, artists and green businesses worldwide. Upon signing up you get your own personal profile page and you can follow other users, discover exciting projects, comment and contribute to discussion boards and of course try your hand in one or more of our monthly short film competitions. You can use your profile page to support the fundraiser of your choosing and publish reviews on the DocumentruthNews website.



We allow only one account per user in order to keep the voting system honest. All registered users can vote once per film per day. As you use Documentruth more, your vote gains more gravity.


Sometimes the financial requirements of a project exceed its creator’s means. You can help prevent that from stifling creative ideas. By signing up to Documentruth you can use our platform to help out a friend, a family member, a work buddy or any filmmaker you want, to bring their idea to reality. Through your personal profile page you can help crowdfund a film project and support its creator. Every dollar of the funds raised goes directly to the fundraiser of your choosing, with no mediation from our part.

For Sponsors

Are you a film school, a business or an organization supporting sustainability and green practices? You can make a huge contribution towards raising awareness on these issues by sponsoring a Documentruth film competition and at the same time help talented filmmakers kickstart their career and generate brand engagement and worldwide social visibility for yourself.

Join the Documentruth Sponsor League and sponsor one or more of our monthly short film competitions. That way you are actively promoting sustainable practices, helping aspiring filmmakers catch their first break and letting the world know that you care.

For more information be sure to check out Documentruth for Film Schools, FilmmakersFestivals or for Businesses. Also you can contact us at any time to find out more about sponsoring a competition.