What is Documentruth?

At Documentruth we have set forth on a mission to raise awareness on sustainability and long-term green practices. Our vehicle is the medium of documentary and through it we aim to tap into the unexpressed potential of innovative ideas. We call out to the creators, the visionaries, the artists, the explorers to join their voice to ours; to inform, to educate and to motivate the world to design a brighter, balanced future in equilibrium with the ecosystem and our planet’s natural resources.

We are a brainstorming and operational network established for the purpose of bringing together creators and innovators worldwide, from Film SchoolsFilmmakers and Film Festivals to Content writers, Businesses and Audiences. By joining your voice, your ideas and your creativity to Documentruth you become part of a huge, collective endeavor with the mission to explore and develop truly sustainable solutions for our world today and for the generations to come.

How it works


A Film festival is a beautiful, but ephemeral thing. Why limit it to the strict confines of location and duration? We offer you a way to keep your film fest going, way after its gates close. Through our platform you can take your festival online and maximize its impact. We will create a film festival competition for you to pit your films against those of other creators. Through Documentruth you can now reach out to a vast online audience across the green community and invite them to vote for your films. The process is simple and straightforward:

     •   First, we contact the filmmakers who have submitted their films in your festival and let them know about this opportunity for extra publicity.
     •   Next, we invite the filmmakers to submit their work to our website and use their social networks to crowdsource for votes worldwide.
     •   Then, when the competition kicks off, we show your films to audiences worldwide and we invite them to watch, review and comment on the works of the
     •   Finally, after two weeks, the film that receives the most votes wins and its creator receives the determined sum of the prize money.

What we can do for your festival


Also, by joining the Documentruth Sponsor League we offer you the following perks:

Festival Publicity

     •   All-around email marketing through all stages of the competition
     •   Your brand logo is displayed on all film pages of the competition
     •   Targeted advertising through Documentruth’s newsletter

Social Media Distinction

     •   We feature your festival on all our social media pages and accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc)
     •   Exponential advertisement through Facebook and Twitter shares during the competition
     •   Self propagating social media visibility through user shares of competing films