Film Schools
What is Documentruth?

At Documentruth we have set forth on a mission to raise awareness on sustainability and long-term green practices. Our vehicle is the medium of documentary and through it we aim to tap into the unexpressed potential of innovative ideas. We call out to the creators, the visionaries, the artists, the explorers to join their voice to ours; to inform, to educate and to motivate the world to design a brighter, balanced future in equilibrium with the ecosystem and our planet’s natural resources.

We are a brainstorming and operational network established for the purpose of bringing together creators and innovators worldwide, from Film SchoolsFilmmakersFilm Festivals to Content writersBusinesses and Audiences. By joining your voice, your ideas and your creativity to Documentruth you become part of a huge, collective endeavor with the mission to explore and develop truly sustainable solutions for our world today and for the generations to come.

What we can do for your school


By joining our vibrant, online community we provide your students with a great opportunity to unfold their creative initiative before an international audience. At the same time through Documentruth we can help your students and your school generate worldwide publicity. We offer two ways to achieve that.

     1.   Invite your students to join one of monthly competitions
     2.  Sponsor your own competition with the theme of your choosing

Once the competition is under way your students sign up and expose their talent to viewers worldwide. We want to make sure that audiences know where their skills come from, so we showcase your school name and link to your webpage on each student’s filmmaker profile. Signing up for a competition only takes a couple of minutes. All your students have to do is go to the Documentruth website and:

     •   Create an account
     •   Read the rules
     •   Upload a film
     •   Share and crowdsource

How we help your students:


Documentruth provides the tools for aspiring filmmakers to kickstart their career. Through our platform we guide your students through the challenging process of funding a film and subsequently we help them expose their work to a wide global audience. Also, we help your students liaise with other creators of our network where they can exchange ideas and form strong bonds of cooperation and friendship. Our core goal is to establish a fertile social environment where creative, world-changing ideas can thrive. Finally, our platform works as a bridge between academic film education and the professional reality of the film industry, so that your students can experience the multifaceted stages of creating a film in their entirety.

How we help your school:


It is your school’s academic training and education that equips your students with the tools to bring their ideas to life. We want to make sure the world knows that. Your students are your representatives in the competitions they participate and through their work your faculty gains the recognition it deserves. By inviting your students to compete with other filmmakers, you gain the opportunity to showcase your academic curriculum and the real, hands-on work you are doing towards addressing world affecting problems. Your students are the embodiment of your school’s values and the inspiring work you are doing. As more and more audiences are awakened to the finite reality of our society’s current practices, Documentruth offers you an excellent chance to let the world know that you are part of the “green” team and a vital contributor in the quest for a sustainable future.