Welcome on board!

At Documentruth we have set forth on a mission to raise awareness on sustainability and long-term green practices. Our vehicle is the medium of documentary and through it we aim to tap into the unexpressed potential of innovative ideas. We reach out to you, the visionary filmmaker with a desire to help create a sustainable future. We invite you to rise up to the challenge and share your work with the world through our monthly film competitions.

Sponsored Competitions


Do you have a great idea for a short film, but money is an issue? Kick-starting your career can be challenging for most newcomers to the filmmaking world. At Documentruth we charge no fee for participating in any of our competitions, so all you need to occupy yourself with is your artistic vision. By enlisting the help and financial support of our sustainability oriented sponsors, we provide you with a free pass to make your ideas known and show off your work towards building a green future.



We use every social networking tool at our disposal to reach vast audiences and achieve maximum exposure for you and your work. We have designed a complete platform to guide you through the process of kick starting your film career. We help you crowdsource your film and gain support from our worldwide community, as well as to secure financial aid by getting sponsors to back you and by giving you the chance to win cash prizes.

Use Documentruth to reach out to audiences worldwide. We have prepared all the tools you will need to tap into your social networks and bolster your fan base. Make your work widely known and get your viewers to vote for your short films.

How do I win?

The whole process is pretty straightforward. You submit your film and you invite your friends, your family, your community and your social circles to watch it. Next, the viewers get to vote for their favorite film. At the end of the competition, the film with the most votes wins.


Rome was not built in a day and neither is your filmmaking career. It may seem overwhelming at first, but we are here to help you along the way. Networking is key. We offer you a personalized platform which you can use to get in touch with our large community of fellow filmmakers, journalist and writers. Gain support, exchange ideas, work together and build long lasting relationships with creative, like-minded people who want to make a difference.



Often the most challenging part of launching your filmmaking career is getting the money to cover production costs. When funding proves tricky, crowdfunding is a great solution. Create your own crowdfunding campaign with our free crowdfunding platform and get your community to help you bring your idea to reality. Share your film idea with your social circles and get in touch with prospective supporters. Contrary to other fundraising websites Documentruth is absolutely free. Every dollar donated goes directly to your fundraiser, with no mediation from our part. Moreover there’s no set period for your fundraiser. You can keep it going for as long as you like. This allows anyone who wants to help to pitch in throughout the creative process and even after your project has launched. We make no money out of this. Documentruth relies on your support to keep on “fighting the good fight” for sustainability.