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Robin Williams: What He Could Not Bear to Face


ROBINRobin William’s suicide provides information that will have consequences for millions of Americans

 Robin Williams’ autopsy revealed the presence of Lewy proteins which are usually confirmed after death.  The information below verifies that Vocal frequencies can be used to determine the presence of such unwanted proteins from a vocal sample.  This ability to predict menacing proteins in the brain may, at a minimum, provide the opportunity to discover Lewy proteins before symptoms occur.  This would be an incredible advantage as more and more people begin to suffer from various stage of dementia.

 Robin Williams:  What he could not bear to Face.

By Elizabeth Brown –

 A time-line revealing novel information that may answer why he didn’t want to stay.

 August 11: – Robin William’s suicide was reported indicating that he took his own life by hanging, likely due to long-term depression.

 August 13:   Sharry Edwards, the foremost BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling investigator, appeared on the Joyce Riley Power Hour radio show offering novel information concerning Williams’ death; hoping to help people understand why he chose not to stay.  Several issues relevant to Williams’ suicide were proposed in terms of BioAcoustic Biology: Using vocal frequencies to distinguish physical and psychological issues of health and awareness.

 hree pertinent BioAcoustic findings shared on the Power Hour radio show , prior to the public announcement that Williams’ suffered from Parkinson’s, indicated that Williams’ may have committed suicide because of the threat of serious mental decline due to a cognitive degenerative disease involving Lewy proteins; possibly Alzheimer’s.

 1.  Williams’ vocal frequencies showed a biomarker indicating that GABA metabolism (the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter) was stressed.  This may account for his lovable but often manic communication style.

 2.  Additionally, numeric representations for acetylcholine (an important neurotransmitter) were stressed.

 3.  Frequency Equivalents™ representing Lewy proteins associated with mental degeneration were present.  Lewy proteins are associated with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Moreover, Williams’ vocal profiling showed that depression may not have been the major cause of the suicide; his voice indicated that degenerative factors were significantly present and could have been a contributing factor. READ ON


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