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Documentruth is our ongoing quest towards expanding our collective understanding and realizing that we are, in fact, all in this together, everyone of us a part piece of the greater universal collective whole.



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Filmmakers from around the world are invited to participate in our documentruth competitions. Our aim is to challenge filmmakers to produce short documentaries investigating the changes that are taking place in our world. Whether it be the changing environmental conditions or the ever increasing population, the degenerating economic, governmental, political and healthcare models. We can clearly see we are in a state of change and transition. As the world begins to wake up to the true nature of these structures and our consciousness continues to expand, you have a great opportunity to inspire positive change.

As a filmmaker embarking on a career in film. You’ll understand more than most, that it is the might of your thoughts, expressed and materialized on a reel of film that can create and inspire lasting change. Your Documentaries are an expression of your insights and experiences. Its your way of communicating your message, whether it makes us laugh or makes us cry, your audience has the opportunity to discover and understand something just a little bit different than they knew before.

Our Competitions
We run short Documentary competitions throughout the year and we believe in change by encouraging filmMakers to look outside of the box and beyond the usual horizon. The themes of our competitions reflect an open mindedness but also the chance to keep things fun and entertaining.

Winning prize money varies from $300 – $1000 and the filmmaker with the most votes wins.

Participating in our competitions is easy. Follow the steps Below.

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