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Documentruth is our ongoing quest towards expanding our collective understanding and realizing that we are, in fact, all in this together, everyone of us a part piece of the greater universal collective whole.


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write_for_usThank you for considering writing for Documentruth. We are very interested in knowing about your take on the many serious issues our society faces. We invite you to use our free platform to capture readers’ attention worldwide and help them see the world from a different perspective. Sadly we cannot pay you for your articles at this time, but we are more than willing to help you promote your craft in every way we can, either through our website or through our social media accounts.

Documentruth operates outside the mainstream media sphere and we are always on the lookout for free spirited writers, journalists and reporters to create content based on their own experiences, thoughts and insights. Help us raise awareness and focus attention on the deeper truths of our lives that unite us in our collective destiny as a species.

We try to cover current news, life improvement, sustainable practices, green technology, scientific breakthroughs, spirituality and anything else that helps expand our consciousness and our view of the world. We do not intend to force any kind of idea or concept on anyone. We know every person has a different understanding of life and what we invite you to do is share yours with the world. Share your experiences with a global audience and enable your readers to access new concepts and new ideas they might have never come across before.

Documentruth aims to explore the fact of our interconnection to one another and the universal consciousness. We want to let people know what’s going on and how we can improve our life experience on the earth. What we don’t want to do is fear mongering. There’s enough of that already in the mainstream media.


The content presented should be as informative and accurate as possible, but the writers should also keep in mind that empowering people is as important as informing them. We are here to help people create positive changes in the world, not spread despair.

Try to keep a neutral to positive outlook. In other words, if you present a problem, also try to propose possible solutions. Your goal should be to raise awareness and boost morale, not bring everybody down. When negative material is unavoidable, try to balance it with uplifting insights on how to tackle the issues discussed.

Documentruth does not support political, religious or any kind of extremism and we will not allow promotion of political campaigns or religious figures.

Should you choose to present highly controversial material, remember that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Please support your writings with external links to sources and references.

All information we receive is subject to editorial approval. Submitting content should not be considered a guarantee that it will be published.

If you abuse Documentruth’s publishing guidelines, we’ll let you off with a warning the first time. Recurring violations however, will result in our revoking your credentials immediately.

By submitting your article you declare that the content is not the intellectual property of someone else and that your publishing it does not constitute copyright infringement or violate any law.

The guidelines above are just that; guidelines. We simply aim to provide directions to contributors and address common issues before they emerge.

Thank you and enjoy our platform!

The Documentruth Team

Write For Us

Documentruth facilitates high-vibrational information that promotes the development of our consciousness and universal spiritual connectedness of life.

  • Material should inform readers of the realities of life but we are not here to spread fear.
  • Your articles should be empowering and stimulate viewers in constructive directions.
  • Material should keep a balanced neutral positive polarity. Negatively charged material, although sometimes unavoidable, should be counterbalanced when possible with material that is proportionately uplifting and empowering.
  • We don’t support content glorifying extreme ideology of political or religious personalities.
  • Information that is particularly controversial should provide external references and links.
  • All information presented is susceptible to editorial approval. Contributors should have no expectation of assurance that their content may be published.

These guidelines are only to provide general direction for contributors. By submitting your article you agree that the content does not infringe or violate someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law.

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